Opening Story – One’s Own Duty

Ability without honor is useless.
- Marcus Tullius Cicero

Bad newsYear: 05 Winter 1936

Background: A workers revolt erupted in the Badlands city state of Lance Point, a major source of oil production for the Allied Southern Territories (AST). Forces of the Southern MILICIA moved in to quell the revolt and maintain the flow of oil. The occupation raised tensions and resulted in open conflict.

The North’s most revered religious leader, Reverend Thor Hutchison, was assassinated by one of his own. A Northern Guard war hero, receiving a medal for valor, gunned down Hutchinson in a live holovid broadcast the world.
Khayr ad din2
Concept: Tensions between the polar powers already at an all time high and war drums for an Inter-Polar war begin. The equatorial desert, known as the Badlands, feels the increasing pressure of encroaching Northern and Southern military forces. The characters are renegade duelists and support personnel who have come to Khyr ad-Din, “The City of Trash”, trying to escape Inter-Polar politics, but they have brought their troubles with them.

Character Types: Ex-Military/Duelist/Bandit

Heavy Gear - Habitat of the Lost

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