Character Creation

Character Creation: We will be creating Adventurous level characters. Players will purchase attributes with 30 attribute points and 40 skill points. Characters must be duelists. Players do not have to be from the same dueling stable, and can even be enemies. Characters from the Polar Leagues will make for good social conflict and rivalries.

BadlanderRequires Skills: Heavy Gear Piloting and Gunnery: Heavy Gear. Heavy Gear Dueling is recommended. Heavy Gear Dueling is a Complex skill.

Available Gears: any up to 225,000 Marks/Dinars. This is equivalent to a Threat Value of 385.

Major Languages: Players should know Human Anglic, but having appropriate languages from your culture is a good idea. Equatorial Hispanic and Indo-Arabic are common in Khyr ad-Din.

  • Anglic (All formally educated characters)
  • Equatorial Hispanic (Western Frontier Protectorate, Badlands)
  • Euro-Germanic (Earthers)
  • Indo-Arabic (Badlands, Some Norlight, Religious Characters)
  • Interlingua (Humanist Alliance)
  • Larabic (Eastern Sun Emirates)
  • Mandanese (Mekong Dominion, Upper Class Eastern Sun Emirates)
  • Universal French (Southern Republic)

Players must answer the following questions:

  • Why did you leave your League and what did you leave behind?
  • Why are you fighting in the arena?
  • What Trouble did you bring with you?

Character Creation

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